Zalindreh was the site of a famous Calormene battle where the exiled talking horse Bree and his master Anradin distinguished themselves in battle. Bree told the story at the Archenland castle Anvard.


The battle was called Zulindreh the first time it was mentioned in the Horse and His Boy, and then later spelled Zalindreh. It is believed that the correct spelling was Zalindreh, because of Lewis's 'affinity for the Arabic syllable az in his name-coining'.

The only fact we know about this battle is that it was won by the Calormene army, and the enemy was a rebel army possibly a province wanting to separate. We also know that one of the cousins of Aravis, Alimash, was the captain of the war chariots. Presumably the Calormen army emerged victorious in vanqunishing the rebellion but taking heavy casualties. [1]


  1. The Companion to Narnia

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