Movie-based Information

The following information originates from the Chronicles of Narnia movies, as opposed to C. S. Lewis' chronicles.

Windmane was a Female Centaur, who lived as an Old Narnian during the Narnian Revolution.


She was the wife of Glenstorm, and the mother of Ironhoof, Suncloud and Rainstone. She lived in hiding in the woods, along with her husband and their sons, and aided Caspian X and the Pevensies against King Miraz and his Telmarine army.

She was present at the meeting at the Dancing Lawn, and was one of the Narnians who were willing to blame Caspian for what the Telmarines had taken from them. However, she soon accepted Caspian as her king. She was absent in the Telmarine Castle Night Raid, and when the Narnians went back to Aslan's How to tell the news, Windmane was saddened to not see Rainstone, who had been killed in the raid.

She later fought at the Second Battle of Beruna with Glenstorm, their two remaining sons, and the rest of the Narnians, where she defeated a pack of Telmarine Soldiers riding Horses. She later appeared at the coronation of Prince Caspian, and when the Pevensies returned to their home-world.

Like any other Female Centaur, Windmane is an excellent archer, though she prefers to use a sword like her husband Glenstorm.


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