Europe's unicorns are indeed known better than Asia's but India is the original place unicorn ideas really started not only with animals but with the story of Risharinga. Why the horse like unicorns spread in Europe was the Eurpeans didn't yet understand Hebrew beliefs of antelope. Medieval days Europe believed in unicorns enough to try to hunt them but what tricked them about the magical horns was actually the ivory tooth of narwhals. Asia's unicorns are fiercer than Europe's. 

Antelope, rhinos, and narwhals are just the animals who tricked people the easiest they're not the only animals written in the imagination of early people, in fact rhino aren't the first unicorn, the triceratops of 25,000 years or more ago was the first living unicorn, the second one was the woolly rhino today's is the rhino in India and African states. The horse-like unicorns are the syombolic ones and they're  in fables, legends, fiction, myths, and folktales too. 

Genghis Khan was one who thought a unicorn told him to stop invading Asia, Emperor Fu Hsi was one who thought a unicorn gave him the writing of China, Daniel was one who dreamed of a ram fighting a unicorn and the dream meant Persia's war with Greece. In Noah's story unicorns transform repeatedly horned horse and narwhal while his ark sails. They're shown photo with Adam and Even several ways but they're always by the tree, unicorns also do with King James versions. The ninth century is when a writer for the first time said unicorns were supernatural. But if you put Asia's unicorn type list with Europe's there are more than ten types a horse face is just the most often seen appearance.

Gaelic unicor

Russian unicorn

Norther Europe Unicorn

Central Europe unicorn

Alps and Carpathian unicorn

El Alicornio which is Spain's unicorn type





Jewel Unicorn who eats jewels

Ember Unicorn who has firey hair

Beauty unicorn who shin bright like stars 

Feathered Unicor who'd hide easily in gardens

Bright Pegasus / Pegacorn / Unicus but these words they're all the same unicorn who can fly

Darn Wings

Darn Rider

Horn Changer Unicorn whose horn can change of 

Karkadann whose form can change 

Ki-Lin the Chinese unicorn whose appearance is optional but usually looks hybrid

Kirin Japanese Unicorn who always look at Criminals angrily wondering if they're guilty of crime

Powder-tipped Unicorns who I think probably shine but have horns that spread dust

and the Rainbow Unicorns

Liu Mu



Pi Sie

Jon Sheu



This long list above is the unicorn types list I've read from folktales fiction and books that explain unicorn history. But several animals are related to unicorn appearances of the old days. by surprise. Here are the ones I've read from carefully studying the non-fiction books that give truthful secrets of how the unicorns captured our imagination so easily.

Ass face many especially the Liu Mu

Goat beard, many unicorns

Elephant feet if it's those like Pliny's

Fox head, if it's those like the Asian unicorn thought of as the sleeping dog

Wolf head if it's those like Fu Hsi's Ki-Lin

Rhino horn

Lion face, or tail, this one depends on its job

Tiger face horn between the eyes one of China's old types

Leopard face in a folktale it's said to be the meanest another one of China's

Horse horn added, the popular appearance

Deer horns twisted one of the often imagined ones in the old days when Earth's lands weren't yet known well

Antelope other horn hidden when viewing sideways

Bull tail, or face with the horn in the center

Ox face , or tail

Ram face, or horn

Narwhal, ivory tooth looks similar to the horn people imagined

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