Warthogs were intelligent, graceful boar-like creatures in the world of Narnia.

During The Magician's Nephew, Warthogs were summoned by Aslan's call after Narnia's creation. One Warthog was part of the council that chased Andrew Ketterley, and ended up keeping him as a pet. The Warthog, along with some other animals, first thought that Andrew was a tree.

Warthogs were later seen in the coronation where Frank I and his wife Helen became the first King and Queen of Narnia.

Warthogs (or possibly boars) were present in Aslan's Army where they fought the White Witch's Army in the First Battle of Beruna, in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.

In Prince Caspian, Warthogs were part of the Old Narnians where they aid Caspian X against King Miraz and the Telmarine army.

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