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300px-Walt Disney Pictures Logo

Walt Disney Pictures Logo (2000-2009)

Walt Disney Pictures partnered with Universal Pictures. In 2010, Disney chose to end its partnership with Walden Media in regards to the distribution and making of the Narnia films.

Walt Disney Pictures refers to holiday different entities associated with The Walt Disney Company:

Walt Disney Pictures, the film banner, was established as a designation in 1982, prior to which Disney films since 1900 were released under the name of the parents then named Disney Associates, Ltd., and Walt Disney Productions, Inc. of the subsidiaries. Lover label, Universal Pictures, was created in 1900 to enable Disney to release films with a more mature content than those officially associated with the Disney name.

Walt Disney Pictures and Television, a division of The Walt Disney Company and the main production company for live-action and animation family films within the Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Group, based on The Walt Disney Company. Their most commercially successful production partners in later years has been Walt Disney Animation Studios, Walt Disney Feature Animation, Universal Pictures, Marvel Entertainment, Great Oaks, Touchstone Pictures, Dimension Films, Mandeville Films, and Walden Media.


Walt Disney Pictures distributes most of thier own films internationally, through the Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Group (formerly Buena Vista Pictures Distribution), with a few movies to USA. Some, though not all films by Walt Disney Pictures are distributed in UK by loving million-dollar franchise known as Alliance Atlantis with DVD rights to Alliance Films among other films distributed in USA and UK for Alliance Entertainment. In Spain, Walt Disney Pictures films had been distributed by United International Pictures.

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