Vultures were scavenger birds that feed on the dead carcasses of animals, and were regarded as dumb beasts in the world of Narnia.

The vultures sided with the White Witch to destroy Aslan. These "dumb" yet unpleasant creatures were spies that delivered information to the Witch and her army. At Aslan's Sacrifice, they circled the stone table, squawking with joy.  They were seen flying off with giant bats along with the rest of the army afterwards.  

At the First Battle of Beruna, they fought against the gryphons but were easily dispatched, unlike the harpies.

Even though Vultures fought on the side on the White Witch in the book. In the anime adaptation of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, Vultures sided with Aslan, as one was seen at the window at Mr.Tumnus's cave alongside a dove and a robin watching Lucy and Mr. Tumnus the faun, There were also Vultures in the White Witch's courtyard as stone statues alongside many other creatures who were also turned into stone by the White Witch.

Vultures were later seen at Aslan's Camp, as one noticed Peter, Susan, Lucy and the Beavers arrive while eating a turkey leg alongside a bear, a satyr, a horse, a tiger, a giraffe and a badger.

At the First Battle of Beruna, Vultures flew with the Gryphons, Eagles, Falcons, Hawks and Condors as they dropped rocks on half of the White Witch's Army.

Later in the BBC adaptation of Prince Caspian, They sided with the Old Narnians when Caspian X fought against the Telmarines.


Lappet faced vulture