Movie-based Information

The following information originates from the Chronicles of Narnia movies, as opposed to C. S. Lewis' chronicles.

"Please don't try to run. We're tired."
"And we'd prefer to kill you quickly.
―Maugrim and Vardan [src]

Vardan was a talking wolf, and a member of the White Witch's Secret Police. He was possibly Maugrim's Second-in-Command, and may have succeeded him as captain.


Vardan no doubt was born during the Long Winter, and spent his whole life in service to the White Witch, Jadis, as part of her Secret Police.

He was first mentioned when he went with his captain to the home of the Beavers, where they had been informed the Pevensies were, and were instructed to kill them all. However, everyone had all fled before they arrived.

Vardan and the rest of the wolves eventually tracked them all to a waterfall, where Maugrim confronted Peter, but was thwarted when the ice broke, and the children escaped with the flow of the river. Most of the wolves were either drowned or got separated from Maugrim and Vardan when the ice broke, and thus returned to Jadis.

Maugrim and Vardan then later tracked the children to Aslan's Camp, where they both attempted to kill Susan and Lucy, but were stopped by Aslan and Peter.

Peter had arrived first, and both the wolves tried to circle him, but Vardan was stopped by Aslan, who held him under his paw until Peter had battled and killed Maugrim.

After Maugrim's death, Aslan released Vardan, allowing him to flee back to report to the White Witch, unknowingly leading Oreius and his soldiers to the White Witch's camp, where they saved Edmund Pevensie.

What became of him after that is unknown. If he wasn't killed by Oreius's soldiers during the rescue, or turned to stone by Jadis for his failure, then he no doubt fought in the First Battle of Beruna with the White Witch's Army, though whether he survived that or not is also obviously unknown. The answer of Vardan's fate actually resides in the original screenplay written for the movie, where he is mortally wounded during the rescue of Edmund, and Jadis mercilessly runs him through with a sword.