Okay I am really bored so I decided to talk about my boyfriend! His name is Will he is a total hotty! He has brown hair and green eyes just like me! He rides my bus and if I don't sit with him I am sitting with Abi and he is sitting with Conor. This is how we became boyfriend and girlfriend: He is new to my school and when we were on the bus me and Abi saw that he had his nails painted green we were trying to tell the girl sitting on the other seat beside us so we gave here a note saying it and she gave it to him. She told him that we liked him to not get us in trouble. So he thought that we liked him. So he told us that he likes us. So we were giggling like the whole way home. So this went on for a while. Then two days ago he said that he only liked me. Then Abi gave him a note that said I liked him then I started liking him!! So that is how we became boyfriend and girlfriend! But I will always still love SKANDAR KEYNES!! just to get that clear.


Cute Edmund

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