• Queenlucythevaliant

    Short Fic

    January 28, 2010 by Queenlucythevaliant

    It says this blog thing is for fanfiction. I've never been much of a fanfic writer, but I did have to write this one short story from Narnia as a school project once. So here it is! Let me know what you think. =)

    In the Golden Age of Narnia, when High King Peter, his brother King Edmund, and his sisters Queen Susan and Queen Lucy were rulers over all the land and all was peaceful and good, there lived a wise old badger, a Talking one, of course. This badger was the most wonderful bard, and, as Queen Lucy thought him very fine company. He often stayed a few days in the autumn with their Majesties at Cair Paravel.

    On one such visit they were, the five of them, sitting together in a small room by a fireplace, for the air was chilly that evenin…

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