I am looking for ideas for a story I'm writing. Most parts of the world have their own traditions around the birth of a baby and I'm sure Narnia would except there is nothing written about any. I'd like ideas on both sides of the story since I haven't decided how it will end yet. Some background: I've read loads and loads of stories where Susan came home at the end of Prince Caspian carrying an extra child. Each time I read these I get fed up with a woman born in 1900 accepting her sixteen year old is pregnant! So in one version a little girl will be born in an old house in the country- where Susan ended up living until baby was born. So in that instance I'm looking for some ideas for quieter traditions or rituals that the Pevensies could carry out themselves. On the other hand if the child is introduced to Narnia (I'm thinking she may be taken by Aslan to live with her Father) she is a pretty special child, daughter of King Caspian and High Queen Susan. She's a very special Crown princess. Any suggestions for either of the baby's introductions to Narnia are very helpful, thanks

Ps- I'd also appreciate any Narnian sounding names?

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