"He would never have done a thing like this."
―Mr. Tumnus (Chapter two)[src]

Tumnus's father (real name unknown) was a Faun male who lived in Narnia during (and possibly before) the reign of Jadis the White Witch. He was also the father of Mr. Tumnus, the Faun who was a good friend and adviser to Lucy Pevensie and her siblings during the Golden Age of Narnia.

Not much is known about him, other than a picture of his was hung over Tumnus's mantelpiece in his home, showing Tumnus's love and respect for his father, and that he was described by him as being a noble and honourable Faun who would never do anything to harm an innocent being.


In the Disney 2005 film adaption of the book, it is revealed that Tumnus's father fought in a war when Tumnus was young, many years before the start of the Golden Age.

It's unknown exactly when his father did this, as he may have fought during the Age of Winter, or, because Fauns are said to have long life-spans, he may have fought against Jadis when she first conquered Narnia itself.

Tumnus didn't believe he and his father were alike in any way, which is most likely because his father was willing to give his life for the freedom of Narnia, while Tumnus at the time was working for Jadis and planned to give Lucy to her. The two, however, looked very much alike.