Thornbut was a Narnian Red Dwarf who lived during the Golden Age of Narnia, at the time when Prince Cor returned to Archenland.

The first record of Thornbut's history took place as he marched with the Narnian army to join the Archenlanders in their battle against Rabadash.

Thornbut had strict orders from King Edmund to see that Prince Corin was not involved in the battle, but Corin refused to listen, and they brawled.

By very bad luck, during the brawl Thornbut tripped on a loose stone, came flat down on his nose and sprained his ankle. It was not a severe injury, but it did keep him from joining in the battle.

He had short legs, wore brown pants and a tan shirt, and preferred a brown belt. He had black hair and a gray beard. His weapon is unknown.

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