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Cover album

Artist: 2nd Chapter of Acts
Format: Studio album
Released: 1980
Genre: 70's Rock, Christian Contemporary
Length: 35:17
Label: Sparrow Records
Producer: Buck Herring

The Roar Of Love is a 1980 concept album by Christian band 2nd Chapter of Acts that tells the story of the first book in the Chronicles of Nárnia series by C. S. Lewis .

According to band member Matthew Ward , all the vocals were cut in a bedroom of the house the trio lived in at the time. They converted their garage into a mixing room, knocked a hole in the bedroom wall and ran a microphone cord into it. The songs have a heavy use of synyhesizers, which were monophonic at the time.

It was reissued on the Live Oak label.

Track listing

  1. Are You Goin' to Narnia? - 3:26
  2. Lucy's Long Gone - 1:46
  3. Tell The Truth - 2:27
  4. Turkish Delight - 3:00
  5. Son of Adam, Daughter of Eve - 2:16
  6. Christmas, Where Are You? - 1:50
  7. Gifts from Father Christmas - 1:54
  8. Aslan is Killed - 2:28
  9. The Roar of Love - 2:28
  10. I've Heard the Stars Sing Before - 2:13
  11. He's Broken Thru - 3:14
  12. Witch's Demise / Get It Into Your Head - 2:40
  13. Something Is Happening in Me - 2:03
  14. White Stag - 3:25