The Gang, also known as Them, was a group of bullies at the Experiment House school. The gang appeared to have been quite large, and their activities mainly consisted of tormenting younger or weaker students. Any students who went against The Gang would be tormented themselves. They managed to get away with their activities because the Head considered them 'interesting psychological cases'.

Early in the 1942 school year, members of the Gang saw Aslan's back through a hole he made in the school wall, and were beaten with a whip and the flats of swords by Jill Pole, Eustace Scrubb and Caspian X.

Eustace, although he was never actually a member of the Gang, had been one of their "hangers-on and tale-bearers" until his first adventure in Narnia during the summer of 1942.

It is likely that after the fall of 1942, the Gang was disbanded, as many of its members were expelled after the investigation caused by Aslan's appearance.


Known followers


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