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The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe was an action-adventure video game based on the 2005 movie. It was made by Traveller's Tales and released by Buena Vista Games in 2005. It was available for the Gamecube, PC, Xbox, Playstation 2, Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS.


One night, there are bombs falling on London. Edmund is watching from a window until his mother and brother Peter come and shut the window. Peter and Edmund go upstairs to get Susan and Lucy. And after avoiding many bombed parts of the house, they make it back to their mum. They go to open the back door but it is locked. With the aid of Susan's flashlight they find the key, unlock the door, and run outside. They run across the yard and make it to the bomb shelter. The next day the Pevensie children say goodbye to their mum and are evacuated to the countryside by train. They meet Mrs. Macready who takes them to their new home. The next day, they all play hide-and-seek. Lucy decides to go hide in an old wardrobe in an empty room. But once she enters the wardrobe she finds herself in the snowy woods. Lucy meets Mr. Tumnus, learns about Narnia, and has tea with the faun. Meanwhile, she had no idea that Edmund was following her. He had been following her into the empty room intending to scare her. But when he looked into the wardrobe, Lucy wasn't there. So Edmund stepped into the wardrobe and also found himself in the land of Narnia. Soon Edmund met the White Witch. As Lucy was on her way back to London, she bumped into Edmund, who had just said goodbye to the White Witch. Soon they get out of Narnia and back to London. But when they both told Peter and Susan their story, Peter and Susan didn't believe them. Edmund got mad at Peter for trying to be like their dad, ran out of the room, and hid outside in the rain. Lucy starts crying, follows Edmund, and hides somewhere in the house. Susan and Peter decide to find them and get them back to their rooms before Miss Macready finds them. After a long time of searching and hiding from Macready, they find Edmund and Lucy. But as they open the house gates, the gates makes a noise that Macready investigates. All four of the children panic and run to find a place to hide from Macready. They run back inside, through the hallways and passages in the house, and into the empty room. They quickly hide in the wardrobe and close it. They all don't fit in the wardrobe so they back up. After much fussing and shoving, Peter and Susan trip and land with a thud on the ground. They look behind them and, much to their surprise, see snow-covered trees. They make their way through the branches and find themselves in the land of Narnia.


  • 1. The Aid Raid
  • 2. Glimpse of Narnia
  • 3. The Spare Room
  • 4. Lantern Waste
  • 5. To Western Wood
  • 6. Beaver Dam
  • 7. Through the Tunnel
  • 8. Frozen Lake
  • 9. The Great River
  • 10. Rescue Edmund
  • 11. Follow Aslan
  • 12. Battle of Beruna
  • 13. The Witch's Castle
  • 14. The Great Battle
  • 15. The White Witch

Game Boy version:

  • 1. Lucy Meets Mr. Tumnus
  • 2. Edmund and the White Witch
  • 3. Through the Wardrobe
  • 4. Forest Passage to the Beavers
  • 5. Searching for Edmund
  • 6. The Long, Cold Walk
  • 7. Dash to the Tunnels
  • 8. Escape to the Enclave
  • 9. Edmund in the Witch's Castle
  • 10. Crossing the Frozen Lake
  • 11. Race to the Great River
  • 12. The Great Thaw
  • 13. Journey to Aslan's Camp
  • 14. Peter's First Battle
  • 15. Aslan's Training Grounds
  • 16. Frozen Allies
  • 17. The Battle for Narnia

Nintendo DS Version

The Nintendo DS version of the game differs from the console version largely. Firstly, there is no level selection; rather you


An in-game screenshot of the "Dungeon of Inequity", the final dungeon in the game.

must complete the "main quests" which gradually tell the story. In addition, there are six dungeons in which Aslan's Animal Lords are kept captive by six different bosses. These must be defeated in order to progress. Finally, there are optional side quests which can be done for the good creatures of Narnia (typically defeating evil creatures or purchasing banners to unite them under Aslan).

Good Creatures of Aslan

These are all the protagonist characters in the game. The following table shows their names, which area they first appear in, their species and how they attack.

Name First Appearance Species Means of attack
Aslan Riverside Lion Biting
Peter Pevensie Spare Oom Human Carries a tree-branch, later a sword.
Susan Pevensie Spare Oom Human Throws snowballs, later carries a bow.
Edmund Pevensie Spare Oom Human Carries a tree-branch, later a greatsword.
Lucy Pevensie Spare Oom Human Carries a dagger
Red Dwarf Lord Dungeon of Cowardice Red Dwarf N/A
Unicorn Lord Dungeon of Injustice Unicorn N/A
Good Satyr Lord Dungeon of Patheticness Satyr N/A
Dryad Lady Dungeon of Cruelty Dryad N/A
Gryphon Lord Dungeon of Weakness Gryphon N/A
Naiad Lady Dungeon of Fearfulness Naiad N/A
Centaur Lord Dungeon of Severity Centaur N/A
Phoenix Lord Dungeon of Inequity Phoenix N/A
Mr. Tumnus Lantern Wastes Faun Carries an umbrella
Mr. Beaver Canyon Beaver N/A
Mrs. Beaver Beaver's House Beaver N/A
Mr. Fox Beaver's Glade/Beaver's Forest Fox N/A
Father Christmas Allies Enclave Human N/A
Badgers Old Path Badger N/A
Horses Old Clearing Horse N/A
Foxes Canyon Fox Biting
Beavers Beaver's River Beaver N/A
Bears Old Clearing Bear Clawing
Fauns Beaver's Forest Faun N/A
Good Satyrs Beaver's Forest Satyr Carry a scimitar.
Dryads Beaver's Glade Dryad Plants
Unicorns Beaver's Glade Unicorn With horn
Red Dwarfs [Uncharted part of Narnia] Red Dwarf Carry a sword
Boar River Boar With tusks
Great Dogs Path to the Witch Great Dog N/A
Good Giants White Witch Courtyard Giant Carry a club
Reindeer Allies Enclave Reindeer N/A
Cheetahs Riverside Cheetah Biting
Naiads Lake Naiad N/A
Eagles Stone Table Forest Eagle N/A
Gryphons Stone Table Forest Gryphon N/A
Gorillas Stone Table Forest Gorilla N/A
Phoenixes Stone Table Forest Phoenix N/A
Centaurs Valley Bridge Centaur Carry a spear
Leopards Valley Bridge Leopard N/A
Lionesses Aslan's Camp Lioness N/A
Rhinoceroses Valley Forest Rhinoceros With horn

Evil Creatures of Jadis

Name First Appearance Species Means of attack
Jadis Winter Forest Half-giant Carries a wand
Maugrim Waterfall Wolf Biting
Otmin Valley Forest Minotaur Carries a falchion
Ginarrbrik Winter Forest Black Dwarf Carries knives and with beard
Wolf Boss Old Path Wolf Biting
Polar Bear Boss Dungeon of Cowardice Bear Clawing
Boggle Boss Dungeon of Injustice Boggle Throws trash
Werewolf Boss Dungeon of Patheticness Werewolf Clawing
Hag Boss Dungeon of Cruelty Hag Magic
Minoboar Boss Dungeon of Weakness Minoboar Sharp armour
Ogre Boss Dungeon of Fearfulness Ogre Carries an ice club
Minotaur Boss Dungeon of Severity Minotaur Carries a sword
Cyclops Boss Dungeon of Inequity Cyclops Carries a club
Rats [Uncharted part of Narnia] Rat Biting
Grey Wolves Canyon Wolf Biting
Light Grey Wolves Beaver's River Wolf Biting
Ankleslicers Canyon Ankleslicer Carry a blade
Black Dwarf Axemen Lantern Wastes Black Dwarf Carry an axe
Black Dwarf Bowmen Old Clearing Black Dwarf Carry a bow
Black Dwarf Swordsmen Beaver's Glade Black Dwarf Carry a scimitar
Boggles Old Clearing Boggle Punching
Blue Goblins Old Clearing Goblin Carry a blade
Red Goblins Old Clearing Goblin Carry a blade
Pink Goblins Dungeon of Cruelty Goblin Carry a blade
Hags Dungeon of Cruelty Hag Magic
Ghosts or Spectres Riverside Ghost Headbutting
Minotaurs Riverside Minotaur Carry a scimitar
Minoboar Lake Minoboar Sharp armour
Orange Ogres Valley Bridge Ogre Throw rocks
Brown Ogres Dungeon of Inequity Ogre Carry a club
Polar Bears Dungeon of Fearfulness Bear Clawing
Snow Tigers Beaver's Forest Tiger Clawing
Bad Satyrs Dungeon of Fearfulness Satyr Carry a bow
Cyclopes Dungeon of Inequity Cyclops Carry a club
Bad Giants White Witch Courtyard Giant Carry a club
Crows Beaver's Glade Crow Pecking