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"He filled my nosebag with sugar after the taking of Teebeth."
Physical Description
Type Battle
Location Calormen
Inhabitants humans
Nation(s) Calormen
Description site of a major battle
General Information
Other names unknown
Events Battle of Teebeth (bef. 1014)
Appearances The Horse and His Boy

Teebeth was the site of a Calormen conquest sometime before 1014.

Notable combatants included Anradin, Bree and Alimash. Chariots and war horses were used in the battle.

It could have very possibly involved the Southern Waste that was even more south of the continent, since Teebeth was close to Calormen's southern boarder.

The war was likely to keep the slave trade with Telmar who enslaved nations south of Calormen, in which the alliance presumably emerged victorious in keeping the colonies.

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