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Telmarines armed with spears

The Spear is a long, pole-like weapon that consisted of a shaft and a head. It was used by most armies in throughout the world of Narnia, along with the bow and the sword.

Aside from battle, spears could also be used for hunting purposes, as like the bow, it could kill prey from a distance. Soldiers from Calormen used spears in the Battle of Stable Hill to kill Jewel and a boar, along with other Nanians.


Halberds are similar to spears, but the point on the end is replaced by an axe head. It is basically a cross between a pole and a battle-axe. Archenlanders are shown to use these instead of spears.


Typical halberd.


Tridents are like spears, except that they have three points. Sea People were said to have tridents, who used them for hunting, as tridents are traditionally used for spear fishing, but they probably also used them as weapons when going to war with other sea creatures.


Typical trident.


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