Silver Sea
Physical Description
Type Sea
Location eastern edge of the world of Narnia
Nation(s) Narnia
Description small freshwater sea
General Information
Other names Lily Lake
Events The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
Appearances The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

The Silver Sea (originally, the Lily Lake) was a small freshwater sea (although possibly an enormous lake) that extended off of the Last Sea on the west, and on the east was the Utter East.

It was also the eastern frontier of the Sea People, was the closest body of water to Aslan's Country, and was the most eastern body of water in the world of Narnia.

The sea also met a grass plain, at the end of which the sky touched the edge of the world.

It was a great, flowing sea of clear, sweet, saltless water that was covered by myriad floating lillies. The water was so sweet that Caspian X called it "drinkable light."

Caspian discovered and named this sea during his voyage aboard the Dawn Treader during the Narnian Age of Exploration.

Crewmember Reepicheep disappeared through the tower wave that he believed lead into Aslan's Country.

When the world ended in 2555, it's waters rose significantly and froze into solid ice.

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