Movie-based Information

The following information originates from the Chronicles of Narnia movies, as opposed to C. S. Lewis' chronicles.

Siege of Cair Paravel
Aftermath of the Telmarine invasion
Conflict: Telmarine Conquest
Date: 1998
Place: Cair Paravel island
Outcome: Telmarine victory
Telmarine Army Kingdom of Narnia
Caspian I Unknown
10,000 Telmarines 8,000 Narnians
Unknown Unknown

The Siege of Cair Paravel was a successful overthrowing of the Old Narnians by the Telmarines that occurred in 1998 Narnian time. The Structure of Cair Paravel was bombarded by catapults used by the Telmarine army, which destroyed the castle. The Telmarine battle fleet was also used during the siege to land troops.

The Narnians knew they had to get Susan Pevensie's horn before the Telmarines got it and destroyed it. They were able to retrieve it, and then fled, for they knew that there was no victory in that fight and the only thing to save them in the future if needed was the horn.

Peter Pevensie, Susan Pevensie, Edmund Pevensie and Lucy Pevensie returned centuries later to Cair Paravel, oblivious to what happened because of the lapse in time between Earth and Narnian time, and wondered what happened.

Once they found out what happened, the events, which led to the Narnian Revolution occurred.

Cair Paravel was later rebuilt by King Caspian X.

Prince Caspian (video game)

In the Prince Caspian video game, the Siege of Cair Paravel is a level.

The player has to control a White Minotaur, a Centaur, a Faun and a Dwarf to fight the Telmarines by piloting giants to destroy the trebuchets (which is done by the Minotaur and Centaur), using the ballistas to sink the Telmarine ships (which is done by the Minotaur and Faun, with the help of a Gryphon).

They locate Susan's horn (which is the Faun and Dwarf's job), by protecting the battlements (which is done by the Minotaur and Dwarf with the help of the giants they save), and escape Cair Paravel.

The level ends with the Dwarf escaping with the horn while riding a Gryphon.