Siege of Beaversdam

Conflict: Telmarine Conquest
Date: 1998
Place: Beaversdam
Outcome: Telmarine victory, Beaversdam lost to the Talmerines
Old Narnians Telmarine invaders
Unknown Caspian I
Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown

The Siege of Beaversdam was the first heated conflict of the Telmarine Conquest.

Telmar was in the far west of the Kingdom of Narnia and Beaver's Dam was the closest town. The Telmarines chased off all the Old Narnians easily for they had no weapons.

They also left the community's name the same, though corrupted it into a single word that became the name of the new Telmarine-Narnian town.

No data has ever been collected to give much evidence as to the specifics of the conflict.

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