Conflict: Narnian Revolution
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Place: Aslan's How
Outcome: Telmarine Army victory
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The Second Battle of Aslan's How took place at Aslan's How during the Narnian Revolution.

The battle occurred when King Miraz and his Telmarine-Narnian Army attacked the Old Narnian forces, almost before the dwarf Trumpkin was leaving for the river mouth near Cair Paravel. It lasted over the span of a few hours, in which time at least one Old Narnian Dwarf was killed. It was during this battle that Caspian X used Queen Susan's Horn. According to dwarf leader Nikabrik, the dwarfs took the brunt of the battle, though the badger Trufflehunter thought otherwise, saying that they all did as much as the dwarfs and none more then Caspian. The Old Narnians were routed and defeated.


  • This conflict was never depicted in the Disney movie.

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