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The following information originates from the Chronicles of Narnia movies, as opposed to C. S. Lewis' chronicles.

Lord Scythley was a Telmarine lord who served on the Telmarine legislative council before and during the Narnian Revolution. He was the father of Prunaprismia, and thus the father-in-law of Miraz.

Role in the History of Narnia

During the council meeting, after Caspian X went missing in 2303 N.Y., Lord Scythley expressed suspicions that Miraz was involved in the prince's disappearance. When Miraz announced that Old Narnians were to blame, Lord Scythley accused him of using fairy tales as a scapegoat (few Telmarines at this time believed in Old Narnians). His suspicions were allayed, however, when Miraz had the Dwarf Trumpkin brought in before the council.

Lord Scythley participated in the Second Battle of Beruna, which erupted after the Telmarine Lord Sopespian interrupted the duel between Peter Pevensie and Miraz. After the Telmarines were defeated, he gave his sword to Trumpkin.

Later, when Aslan offered the Telmarines a way to get to Earth and begin a new life; Scythley, along with his daughter, Prunaprismia, her son and Lord Glozelle were the first to accept the offer. For their courage, Aslan promised them a good future on Earth.

"Because you have spoken first, your future in that world shall be good."
―Aslan [src]

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