House of Charn
The Royal Family of Charn
Country of Origin Charn
Parent House Unknown
Founder Unknown
Final Ruler Jadis
Founding Year Unknown
Deposition Earth-year 1900
Species Giant-Jinn
Cadet Branches Unknown

The Royal Family of Charn were the ruling house of the now-dead world, capital and nation of Charn.


Charn's Royal Family consisted of power-hungry and violent monarchs; one of the most infamous was Jadis' great-grandfather who invited and murdered seven-hundred nobles at a feast because they had "rebellious thoughts".

In the past, the Royal Family had once been a wise and peaceful people, but as the generations rolled by they seemed to degrade into pride, cruelty and grief. As time passed, they eventually went on to conquer all the other countries of their world.

They had also been the unofficial keepers of the Deplorable Word; the most powerful and darkest of their world's spells that would destroy all life on Charn. They had sworn never to use it or even to seek knowledge of it, but that oath was broken by Jadis who used the spell to defeat her sister in the last war.

All generations of the Royal Family were shown as life-size mannequins in the Hall of Images, in which Jadis had also seated herself after she destroyed her homeworld.


  • From the sounds of it, it appears the Royal Family started off good, but being the most powerful of their people as they were, they slowly became corrupted. "Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely!"

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