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Telmar, Narnia


The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

Lord Restimar was one of the Seven lost Lords and a Telmarine lord who opposed King Miraz. These lords did not fear the oceans or forests, unlike most Telmarines, and were of the few who respected the legends of Old Narnia, or Narnia before the invasion from Telmar.


Restimar and six other lords were sent to "explore the seas beyond the Lone Islands" by King Miraz in an attempt to get rid of them.

On his journey to the eastern end of the world, King Caspian X visited an island (which he and his crew later named Deathwater Island) and found what was at first thought a golden statue at the bottom of a pond. After Edmund's shoes were flecked with gold from splashes of the water, the company realized that the water turned things into gold, and determined that the "statue" must in fact be one of the missing lords.

Besides that pool, there was no other water on Deathwater Island, and obviously it cannot be drunk. Restimar must have been burning hot, probably with thirst, and then came upon what he thought was a harmless pool of water, so he undressed and jumped in, never realising the danger it represented.

By elimination, Caspian X later concluded it was the Lord Restimar, after finding Rhoop and learning the names of the three sleepers on the island of Ramandu (Argoz, Revilian, and Mavramorn).

Film Adaption

Movie-based Information

The following information originates from the Chronicles of Narnia movies, as opposed to C. S. Lewis' chronicles.

In the 2010 film version, Lord Restimar had fled to the Lone Islands to escape Miraz, along with his 6 fellow Lords. Once there, they learned of the Green Mist that was abducting people. They all swore a pact to find the source of the Mist, and destroy it.

Restimar made it as far as Deathwater Island, which was also coincidentally Dragon Island, where he and Lord Octesian died. Judging by what was seen in the film, the fate of Lord Restimar seems exactly the same as it was in the book, with the small exception that he seemed to have accidentally fallen into the pool instead of deliberately.

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