Island of the Star
Type of Government Stellacracy
Head of State Ramandu
Societal Information
Location Western edge of Last Sea in the far Eastern Ocean.
Inhabitants Stars
Currency Unknown
Historical Information
Date of Establishment  ? bef. 2306
Conflicts The Dispute of the Three Sleepers.
"It had no mountains but many gentle hills with slopes like pillows."
―Chapter 13 [src]

The Island of the Star was an island in the Great Eastern Ocean that was the home of the retired star Ramandu and his daughter.

This island was also known as The World's End, because it was the last island before reaching the end of the world.

Aslan's Table was the most prominent landmark on the island (not to be confused with the Stone Table).


Caspian and Ramandu's daughter.

The island of Ramandu was visited at least two times, the first being made by three of the Seven Lost Lords, Lord Revilian, Lord Argoz and Lord Mavramorn.

The three ended up getting into a dispute with one another, which was the only known conflict ever committed on the island, which ended up getting the three of them put into an enchanted sleep that lasted until many years later.

The second visit on the island was made by King Caspian X during his voyage to the end of the world. It was on this visit that he met Ramandu's beautiful daughter, and fell in love with her.

Once the island was added to the Narnian Empire, it became the eastern frontier.

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