Queen Prunaprismia was the wife of King Miraz I, the former king of Telmarine-ruled Narnia, the usurper of the throne from King Caspian IX, and the foe of the true Narnian king, Caspian X.


Prunaprismia deeply loved her husband, but was a strong opponent of her relatives, including her brother-in-law, his wife and even her nephew, her adoptive son Caspian X. Despite the fact she did not like Caspian, she allowed her husband Miraz to adopt him after the deaths of his parents.

Miraz and Prunapismia, however, were selfish, and when Prunaprismia had a son, it became clear that because they now had a direct heir, the troublesome Caspian would have to be executed.


The Telmarines leave Narnia.

It is unknown whether Prunaprismia actually knew of Miraz's plans or that she was oblivious to them, but she was portrayed as a power-hungry and selfish woman, so chances are she probably wouldn't have minded either way.

Doctor Cornelius helped Caspian escape the castle, who then met up with the Old Narnians and raised an army up with them, which supported the cause of Old Narnia.

After the Second Battle of Beruna, it is unknown what happened to Prunaprismia or her nameless child (Caspian X's cousin), but it is likely that she and her infant son left with the other Telmarines, who didn't want to stay in Narnia under the control of the Old Narnians.


She was said to have had red hair.

Movie-based Information

The following information originates from the Chronicles of Narnia movies, as opposed to C. S. Lewis' chronicles.

Film Adaptions

Prince Caspian & The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (BBC serial)


Prunaprismia in the BBC.

In the BBC Series, she is depicted very closely to her description in the book.

She has red hair, is shown to be visibly pregnant, and her dislike for Caspian is established by her open hostility towards him.

She called him an ungrateful little wretch, and told him to be silent in a harsh tone, when he calmly expressed the desire for more independence.

She was played by actress Angela Barlow.

Prince Caspian (Disney movie)


Prunaprismia with her son at Miraz's coronation.

In the Prince Caspian film, she is played by actress Alicia Borrachero, and is a complete opposite to the written character.

Her physical description is more of a Spanish look, with black hair, rather than the red hair mentioned in the book.


Prunaprismia wielding a crossbow.

She is also able to wield a crossbow during the raid on Miraz's castle, which was added to the movie.

Obviously, she must have been trained to use one, in case of an enemy attack, as what happened during the Raid with Caspian.

When Miraz was forced to admit to the murder of his brother, she expressed pure shock and horror, clearly indicating that she knew nothing of what he had done.


Prunaprismia leaves Narnia with her family and Glozelle.

She is portrayed as more sympathetic, for even though she loves Miraz, she is horrified by his act of fratricide, and doesn't seem as hateful towards Caspian.

Later; she, her father Lord Scythley, and Glozelle (along with her infant son), are the first to accept Aslan's offer to return to the world of their ancestors.

Upon their departure, Aslan promised them that because they were the first to accept his offer, their start in their new world would be great.


  • There was one deleted scene in the Prince Caspian (Disney movie), shown on the DVD, where Miraz is holding his son, and Prunaprismia comes out, asking where Caspian is. This scene reveals her showing some form of sympathetic concern toward her nephew.

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