"If you don't attend, Gwendolen, and stop looking out of the window, I shall have to give you an order-mark."
―Miss Prizzle [src]

Miss Prizzle was a Telmarine woman, a schoolmistress in Beruna, during the Telmarine Age of Narnia.

While she was teaching a history lesson, which was "duller than the truest history you ever read and less true than the most exciting adventure story", she was talking to one of her students, Gwendolen, who was not paying attention to her lesson.

The reason for this was that Aslan had just arrived, and Gwendolen was trying to tell her, but Miss Prizzle didn't believe her until Aslan suddenly gave a loud roar.

His roar caused ivy to grow through the school windows, and turned the school into a forest glade, which in turn caused Miss Prizzle and most of the students to flee in terror.