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Pierfrancesco Favino
Pierfrancesco Favino (born August 24th, 1969) is an Italian actor in Rome. He portrayed General Glozelle in Disney/Walden's 2008 adaptation of Prince Caspian. In his homeland, he is a well-known and prestigious actor.


  • Favino speaks four languages. On the set of Prince Caspian, he was often required to act as a translator between the mulitethnic cast and crew members.
  • Favino has appeareded in three films together with actor Sergio Castellitto. In each one, Castellitto has been required to slap Favino across the face.
  • Five years before the filming of Prince Caspian, Favino appeared in the 2003 Italian film Ferrari, alongside two of his future fellow Narnia stars, Sergio Castellitto and Skandar Keynes.