"That wonderful hall with the ivory roof and the peacocks' feathers..."
―Chapter 17 [src]

Peacocks were a species of bird in Narnia, famed for the beauty and lush colouring of their feathers.

During the Golden Age (when the Pevensies ruled Narnia), peacock feathers were used to decorate the Western Wall of the Great Hall of Cair Paravel.[1]

It is also recorded that peacocks were served during feasts at Harfang, the royal castle of the so-called Gentle Giants.

No record mentions any peacocks possessing the gift of speech.


  • Most people call all peafowls "peacocks", but this isn't true. A male is called a peacock and a female is called a peahen.
  • Peacocks have long been associated with royalty (hence the feathers in Cair Paravel): they symbolically represented ancient Roman Empresses, and the Indian Moghul Emperor Shah Jahan comissioned the famous "Peacock Throne" that was later taken to Iran.




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