The white witch Jadis wants to keep winter on Narnia's lands forever but there are lots of cold disasters Maugrim's lucky he didn't face, that's like he's lucky he didn't face how fast tides near ground can splash and drown wolves in Alaska, he's lucky ice didn't cut him in the snow witch's ice castle, he's lucky he didn't face how totally slippery Alaska's ice can be under sled dog's feet, he's lucky he didn't always walk through white outs or super foggy tundra lands like Alaska's, he's also lucky he didn't face an avalanche while he chased Lucy and her sibling near the mountains. With characters like Aslan, Maugrim's lucky he didn't face the lion daily like his close related cousins in Africa. with how many allies Aslan the lion and Jadis the snow witch had Maugrim's lucky he didn't those like the wildcats from the two armies as often as Asia's wolves. He's lucky he didn't face injustice or jealousy stuff like ruling when he was coming towards Aslan's camping army, it depends which culture you're speaking of if the lion or the wolf will be the ruler / a god / the friend of a goddess / or thought as the fiercer one. Maugrim's lucky he wasn't scared by carvings or painting done by those like the dwarfs and centaur, becaue that's one of the ways some people frightened wolves quick in the ancient days. There's plenty of forest shown in Narnia this wolf Maugrim's for sure lucky he didn't have to face issues the Mexican wolves face and he's also quite lucky the griffins don't fights him on the hills or chase him like eagles sometimes do in real life when they want the same scrap of meat. He's lucky for the politeness his fox cousin showed him the two aren't usually pleased to see each other at all in real life. and one of the things Maugrim's the luckiest about is not fighting the bears daily.

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