Dagger Lucy Exhibition

Lucy's dagger as portrayed in the Disney movies.

"And the dagger is to defend yourself at great need. For you also are not to be in the battle."
Father Christmas (Chapter 10) [src]

Queen Lucy's dagger was an object owned by Lucy Pevensie when she reigned in Narnia as Queen Lucy the Valiant. It was given to her by Father Christmas, along with her healing cordial, at the end of the Long Winter.[1]

Father Christmas told Lucy to use the dagger to defend herself at great need, but that she was not to fight in the battle against the White Witch (there would be other work for her to do afterwards).[1]

It was not mentioned if Lucy took her dagger with her when she and Susan followed Aslan to the Stone Table, or if she had it when they arrived at the Battle of Beruna. During her reign, Lucy fought with a bow and arrow at the Battle of Anvard, but was not mentioned as using the dagger.

When the Pevensies returned to Narnia during the War of Deliverance, Lucy did not retrieve her dagger from the Treasure Room at Cair Paravel along with her cordial. This suggests that it was somehow lost during the years of her reign.

Movie-based Information

The following information originates from the Chronicles of Narnia movies, as opposed to C. S. Lewis' chronicles.


In the Disney/Walden Media films, the dagger's design is very similar to Peter's sword Rhindon, but on a smaller scale- the pommel is shaped like a gold lion's head, and the hilt is covered in red leather.

Film Adaptations

Susan lucy practice camp

Lucy practices with her dagger

In the Disney films, Lucy uses her dagger a great deal more than in the books:
  • While at Aslan's Camp, she practices throwing her dagger, quickly becoming proficient in the art. She also takes it with her, along with her cordial, when following Aslan to the Stone Table.
  • In the film of Prince Caspian, Lucy retrieves her dagger from the Treasure Room and uses it to cut the bonds of Trumpkin the dwarf after his rescue. During the attempt to resurrect the White Witch in Aslan's How, she rushes into the fight, placing the dagger at Nikabrik's throat (he is shown violently disarming her, and attempting to stab her with the dagger). When facing down the retreating Telmarine army on the Beruna's Bridge, she draws the dagger just before Aslan comes up to her side, and places it back in it's sheath after the bridge has been destroyed.
  • In The Voyage of the Dawn Treader film, Caspian returns to Lucy's dagger and healing cordial to her once she is settled on the ship. She is seen either drawing it or using it throughout the movie:

Differences in the Films


In the films, the dagger and the cordial are attached to the same belt. In the books, it is explicitly stated that the cordial was in a pouch that had a strap, which slung over her shoulder like a purse.


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