"Get out of my house this moment, you shameless hussy, or I'll send for the police."
―Letitia Ketterley (Chapter 7) [src]

Letitia Ketterley (or Aunt Letty) was Digory Kirke's aunt, sister to his mother and his uncle Andrew Ketterley.

She was unmarried, and resided in a house in London with her brother and housemaid, Sarah, at which Digory stayed while his mother was ill.

She was known to be "a tough old lady"; strict but fair, though she was not tolerant with women with bare arms. Apparently, she was also known to work with her hands, as she was seen mending a mattress by herself on the floor of her house, which was lucky since she fell on it after being thrown across the room by the evil witch-queen Jadis.

Nonetheless, Jadis met her match in Aunt Letty, who takes her for a "shameless hussy" and a "dangerous lunatic".


Letty mending a mattress.

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