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Letitia Ketterley
Character information





Mabel Kirke (sister),
Andrew Ketterley (brother),
Digory Kirke (nephew)




The Magician's Nephew

"Get out of my house this moment, you shameless hussy, or I'll send for the police."
―Letitia Ketterley (Chapter 7) [src]

Letitia Ketterley (or Aunt Letty) was Digory Kirke's aunt, sister to his mother and his uncle Andrew Ketterley.

She was unmarried, and resided in a house in London with her brother and housemaid, Sarah, at which Digory stayed while his mother was ill.

She was known to be "a tough old lady"; strict but fair, though she was not tolerant with women with bare arms. Apparently, she was also known to work with her hands, as she was seen mending a mattress by herself on the floor of her house, which was lucky since she fell on it after being thrown across the room by the evil witch-queen Jadis.

Nonetheless, Jadis met her match in Aunt Letty, who takes her for a "shameless hussy" and a "dangerous lunatic".


Letty mending a mattress.

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