Coriakin's Island
Type of Government Magocracy
Head of State Coriakin
Societal Information
Capital Coriakin's House
Location Far in the Great Eastern Ocean
Inhabitants Star,
Currency Unknown
Historical Information
Date of Establishment Unknown
Conflicts None known
"...before them there were level lawns in which the grass was as smooth and short as it used to be in the grounds of a great English house where ten gardners were kept."

Coriakin's Island or the Land of the Duffers (also called Duffer Island, Dufflepud Island, or the Island of the Monopods) was an island discovered on the great expedition of the Dawn Treader in 2307.

Coriakin's Island was the home of Coriakin, a former Star and Magician, and his subjects, the Duffers.

The island, as well as being filled with Duffers, also had on it a large mansion, which was Coriakin's, filled with his magical knowledge and spells. The island itself had had its gardens and trees tended to by the Duffers, who had fashioned them into odd but unique shapes and styles.

When the crew of the Dawn Treader came to Coriakin's Island, the Duffers were all invisible. It was only when Lucy was told by the Duffers to go into the mansion, to read the spell that would free them, that everyone was brought back into sight.

Movie-based Information

The following information originates from the Chronicles of Narnia movies, as opposed to C. S. Lewis' chronicles.

In the movie, six of the lost Seven Lost Lords found their way to Coriakin's Island, and asked him about The Green Mist that was threatening their world. Coriakin knew about the danger, and told them to go to Ramandu's Island.

The mansion was also invisible in this film, and Lucy had to be shown where it was by the Duffers.


Lucy entering Coriakin's Mansion

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