Kidrash Tarkaan was the name of two Tarkaans of Calormen.

The Elder Kidrash Tarkaan

The elder Kidrash Tarkaan was the highest form of Tarkaan, the son of Illsombreh Tisroc. He was the father of Rishti Tarkaan, and great grandfather of Aravis.

The Younger Kidrash Tarkaan

The younger Kidrash Tarkaan was the son of Rishti Tarkaan, son of the elder Kidrash Tarkaan (his grandfather). Kidrash had at least two sons and a daughter. The elder known son went to war and died, and the younger son was only a child at the time of The Horse and His Boy. Aravis is the only daughter of Kidrash, and it is she who tells of her siblings. The younger Kidrash was married at least twice, first to Aravis's mother, and then to Aravis's step-mother, a cruel woman. Aravis married Prince Cor of Archenland and became Queen of Archenland.

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