White Witch's Wand

The wand as portrayed in the Disney movies

The White Witch's Wand was an implement of great but terribly dark magic. It was owned by Jadis, who used it during her reign and in the Winter Revolution.


The wand was long, straight and golden.[1] While its material was unknown, it was fragile enough to be broken by a sword.[2]



Jadis With Her Wand.

The origin of the wand is unknown. Jadis was known to keep it on her at all times throughout the Hundred Year's Winter of 900-1000, and used it frequently on her disobedient subjects.

In 1000 NY, Jadis's reign was interrupted by the arrival of the promised heirs to the throne.

During this time, her wand was of especial use to her, as she petrified many of her subjects, including a former spy of hers, a Faun called Tumnus.

Jadis Edmund and the Wand

The Wand destroyed by Edmund.

She is not recorded as having her wand at the Sacrifice of Aslan, probably because she didn't need it then, but she did carry it into the Battle of Beruna the following day.

She used it on many soldiers until Edmund managed to break it with his sword, and getting gravely wounded in the process by her.



Fox being struck by the wand.

While the true extent of the wand's capabilities was unknown, its most famous power was the ability to turn organic matter into stone: The spell caused its victims to turn into a statuesque still of themselves[3], and the only thing that could undo such a curse, apparently, was the breath of Aslan.[4]

When someone was turned into stone, it's possible they felt as though they were being put to sleep. This can be seen when the Giant Rumblebuffin was turned back to normal, as he claimed that he must have fallen asleep.[4]

Jadis' wand may have also helped her perform other lesser acts of magic, such as tricking the minds of others into thinking she was a boulder and her dwarf was a stump.[5]

Known victims (turned to stone)


The effects of the Wand.


Wand of Jadis

The Wand as interpreted by Pauline Baynes, the animated feature, the BBC version and the Walden/Disney adaptations.

Each adaption of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe has portrayed the wand differently to how it was described in the book (sometimes subtly and sometimes dramatically):

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (animated)

In the animated feature, the wand appeared almost exactly as it was described in the book (straight and golden), except that it was shorter than the one shown in Pauline Baynes' illustrations.

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (BBC serial)

In the BBC TV show, the wand had an ornate handle and was a simple dull silver. Aside from the powers described in the book, the wand was used to conjure a tented pavilion from thin air, where Jadis and Edmund had their talk. Afterwards, she used it to make the pavilion vanish as well.

The Chronicles of Narnia (film series)

In the Disney films, the wand was composed of five main sections: a short crystal, followed by a silver bar, then a black handle, followed by another silver bar, and ending with a long crystal. There were also some engraved images on the wand, which looked similar to a vine of thorns. They started at the base of the short crystal (right where it connected to the silver handle), then curved around the wand up to the base of the long crystal. Unlike in the book, the wand only worked by touching the victim, turning them into stone by contact.

During the Battle of Beruna, Jadis cast an icy aura - presumably from her wand - that extinguished the wall of fire cast by the phoenix, allowing her forces to advance.

Also unlike the books, the wand reappeared during Nikabrik's attempt to resurrect the witch in NY 2303. The Hag that Nikabrik had befriended had the repaired wand with her, although it still appears somewhat smashed from its destruction in the First Battle of Beruna. The wand was used to resurrect the spirit of the Witch, but the ritual was interrupted before she could become corporeal. The Hag was then slain, and the wand made no more appearances in the movie.


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