A human-headed bull with other creatures in front of the Stone Table.

"Come and take it then!"
―A Human-Headed Bull, after Jadis claimed the right to Edmund Pevensie's blood [src]

Human-Headed Bulls were Talking Beasts, with the body of a bull and a horned human head. The only recorded Human-Headed Bull was a member of Aslan's army during the Winter Revolution.

When the White Witch came to Aslan's Camp, and announced her right to Edmund's life, by the law of Narnia, the Human-Headed Bull valiantly defended Edmund, by daring her to try take it, indicating that he intended to fight her if she tried. But the Witch simply called him a fool, as she knew that mere force could not deny her her rights.

Film Adaptions


Human-Headed Bull in the animated feature.

There were no Human-Headed Bulls (the only creatures coming close was that of the Minotaurs) in the 2005 film of The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (film).

The above quote was instead said by Peter Pevensie, who defended his brother from the Witch.

The Human-Headed Bull did make an appearance, though, in the animated feature.



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