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You may be looking for Gael, a character exclusive to the films.

King Gale was king of Narnia, and the first Emperor of the Lone Islands. Gale was the ninth descent of King Frank, and therefore likely the tenth king of Narnia. He was likely descended from Frank V's oldest son, who would likely be Gale's great-great grandfather. In the year 302 of Narnian time, Gale sailed to the Lone Islands and slew a dragon there that had long terroized the inhabitants. In their gratitude, they hailed him as their Emperor, a title he passed on to all subsequent kings of Narnia.

House of Frank
Preceded by King of Narnia Succeeded by
unknown, eventually Frank V?–?, around 302unknown, eventually Swanwhite I

House of Frank
Preceded by Emperor of the Lone Islands Succeeded by
office created in 302302–?unknown, eventually Swanwhite I

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