Conflict: Narnian Revolution
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Place: Aslan's How
Outcome: Telmarine Army victory
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The First Battle of Aslan's How was a battle fought at Aslan's How during the Narnian Revolution.

It was the first major battle Caspian X and the Old Narnian Army fought during their revolution against Miraz. Caspian's plan was that he, along with most of the Dwarfs, were to attack the right wing of Miraz's army at daybreak. When they were heavily engaged in battle with the enemy, the Giant Wimbleweather, along with some Centaurs and the fiercest beasts of the Old Narnians, broke out at a certain spot and cut off the portion of the enemy army that was under attack from the Old Narnians, from the rest of the Telmarines. However, things did not go as planned.

Wimbleweather broke out at the wrong time and at the wrong location, and Caspian and his army suffered badly while doing little harm to King Miraz's Telmarine Army. Caspian's army was forced back to Aslan's How with low morale. The Giant Wimbleweather was especially down-hearted, and he aggravated the army's troop of mice by crying large tears on them.


This conflict was omitted from the Disney film, instead replaced by the Battle of Miraz's Castle.

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