The Ettinsmoor War (or the Ettin War) was a brief conflict between the Kingdom of Narnia and Ettinsmoor that occurred in Narnian-year 1014. This minor war took place during Narnia's Golden Age.

For centuries, indigenous northern Giants, the Ettins, had attacked and raided areas at the northern edge of the Narnian Empire. Travelers even brought back stories of the Ettins partaking in large-scale battles against explorers, warriors, and other Narnian settlers along the Northern Frontier. At last, Narnian High King Peter went out on a formal expedition in 1014 to secure Narnia's northern borders and make the boundary lines official between his own imperial lands and those of Ettinsmoor, the Ettins' own loosely independent state, as Peter himself deemed it.

Peter declared war with the nation he called Ettinsmoor: the region directly above his newly established boundaries. There, Peter and the royal Army of Narnia repelled large communities of Ettins, forcing them to retreat higher north, well past the Narnian boundaries into the vast land that King Peter recognised as the nation of Ettinsmoor. The Narnian victory glorified Peter and maintained his status in the public view as High King.

Over a thousand years later, the Empire would incorporate the former nation of Ettinsmoor as an imperial barony.

Ettinsmoor War
Narnian year: 1014
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