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This sixth episode of the first BBC miniseries


Susan and Lucy spent the whole night at the Stone Table and during that time they notice that mice and biting away at the cords which hold Aslan's dead body to the table. The Stone Table then cracks in half and Aslan comes back to life. He reveals that there was a deeper magic from before the dawn of time which the White Witch had never known. The magic meant that if a willing victim who had committed no treachery was killed on the table, the table would crack in half and the victim would come back to life. The two girls then jump on Aslan's back and they fly to the White Witch's house, where Aslan's restores all the statues - including Mr Tumnus - and Giant Rumblebuffin kicks the locked gates open to let everyone out. Meanwhile, both sides are preparing for battle in the woods which surround the Stone Table. By the time Aslan and the restored statues return, the battle is in full swing and the Witch has already turned a number of Aslan's people into stone. Edmund then brings his sword crashing down on the Witch's wand and she knocks him out with the butt of it, only to be chased to the top of a ravine by Peter. Aslan is standing on the far side of the ravine and roars so loudly that the Witch falls to the bottom of the ravine, dying instantly. Lucy then goes around the battlefield, restoring Edmund and the other injured Narnians to health. Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy are later crowned Kings and Queens of Narnia. They rule
Narnia for many happy years and bring peace and prosperity to a land which had previously been plagued by the White Witch's evil regime. Many years after coming to the Narnian throne, the four monarchs - now adults - are passing through the forest when they come across the lamp-post which they had passed on their arrival in Narnia many years earlier. They then walk deeper into the forest, pass through the wardrobe door and find themselves in the spare room at the professor's house. Mrs Macready is still talking outside in the corridor, proving correct the professor's theory that Narnia had a different time to our world - while some 15 years had passed in Narnia, only a few minutes had passed in our world. The four children then went to inform the professor of their adventures and he told them that they would never be able to get back to Narnia through the wardrobe, although they would one day return there via another route. 'Once a King in Narnia, always a King in Narnia', he commented, as the story drew to a close. One notable change in the final episode is that there is no Hunting of the White Stag, as there was in the book. The four children (or adults as they had become) were simply enjoying a ride on their horses through the forest when they returned to their own world through the wardrobe.


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