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This the fifth episode of the first BBC miniseries


Aslan welcomes the beavers and the children before showing Peter a far off sight - Cair Paravel - where he will be High King of Narnia. But they are soon interrupted by Susan's horn. Peter rushes to the Stone Table where he is
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confronted by Maugrim. After a brief but pulsating struggle, Peter kills Maugrim with his sword and Aslan gives him the title Lord Peter Wolf's Bane. Aslan then sends out his creatures to rescue Edmund. Upon hearing from a wolf that Maugrim is dead, the White Witch is advised by her dwarf that Aslan will be coming and that she'd better fly. Telling her dwarf that she won't flee, the White Witch sends the wolf to summon the Werewolves and the Dryads while she casts a spell to summon the Ghouls, Boggles, Cruels, Hags, Spectres, People of the Toadstools, Incubi, Wraiths, Horrors, Efreets, Orknies, Sprites, Wooses, Ettins, and other evil creatures that work for her. The creatures sent by Aslan managed to rescue Edmund before the White Witch could kill him. The White Witch later appears at the Stone Table and demands that Edmund should be handed over to her as a traitor. Aslan agrees to discuss the matter in private with the Witch and later announces to everyone that he has
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agreed with the Witch that Edmund should be spared.

That night, Susan and Lucy follow Aslan as he leaves the encampment in the woods, where they are staying the night before the battle. Aslan quickly notices that the two girls are following him and lets them walk with him until they reach the edge of the hill on which the Stone Table is situated. The Witch and her people are waiting there and Aslan is quickly tied to the table. The Witch then kills Aslan with a knife and just before doing so, says that she will go back on her word not to kill Edmund.

Cast and Characters

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