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This the fourth episode of the first BBC miniseries premiered 4 december 1998


The Beavers and the three remaining children began packing bags of supplies as soon as they realised what Edmund had done, and were finally ready for the journey to the Stone Table.

Before the Witch, her dwarf and Edmund departed on the sledge, the Witch summoned Maugrim and sent him to the House of the Beavers, ordering him to kill everyone that he found, and to make all speed to the Stone Table if they have already gone. Maugrim took another wolf with him and they reached the Beaver's house, he broke into the house only to find it empty.

The children and the Beavers were now well into their journey and walking through the snowy night. Mr Beaver suddenly disappeared into a hole and everyone else followed him inside. They were inside an old hiding place for beavers in bad times, where they were to stay for a few hours of sleep.

They were roused in the morning by the jingling of bells. Mr Beaver went outside to investigate and minutes later called everyone else outside. It wasn't the Witch, as they had expected, but it was Father Christmas, who had got into Narnia at last. He presented the children with their gifts: Peter had a sword and shield, Susan had a bow and arrow with a horn, and Lucy had a bottle of cordial which would restore anyone who was ill or injured. He also promised the fix Mr Beaver's dam and fit a new sluicegate as well as delivering a new sewing machine for Mrs Beaver. He then presented them all with Christmas dinner and departed, wishing them a Merry Christmas.

Meanwhile, Edmund and the White Witch travelled throughout the night on the sledge. In the morning they came across a merry party of animals eating Christmas dinner. The Witch was furious when one of the party - an old dog-fox - said that Father Christmas had given them the food, and turned them all into stone. The Witch orders the dwarf to drive on, but they are soon grounded to a halt because the snow is melting. The dwarf and Edmund try to get the sledge to move but it is no good. The Witch orders the dwarf to cut the harness from the horses and they
Edmund and jadis
continue the journey on foot. The dwarf later tells the Witch that her winter has been destroyed by Aslan, and she threatens to kill whichever one of them mentioned "that name" again.

By the time the beavers and the children reach the Stone Table, the snow has completely melted.

Cast and Characters

  • Richard Dempsey - Peter Pevensie
  • Sophie Cook - Susan Pevensie
  • Jonathan R. Scott - Edmund Pevensie
  • Sophie Wilcox - Lucy Pevensie
  • Barbara Kellerman - White Witch
  • Kerry Shale - Mr. Beaver
  • Lesley Nicol - Mrs. Beaver
  • Martin Stone - Maugrim
  • Bert Parnaby - Father Christmas
  • Big Mick - Dwarf
  • Hamish Kerr - Fox
  • Jill Goldston - Squirrel
  • Garfield Brown - Satyr # 1
  • Keith Hodiak - Satyr # 2

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