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The Thirt episodie of first Miniserie of BBC premiered 27 November 1988


The four children walk away from Mr Tumnus's cave and are suddenly attracted by a beaver, who appears to be waving for them to come to him. He gives Lucy the handkerchief that she gave to Mr Tumnus when he was crying, and tells them all that Aslan is on the move. He does not tell the children who Aslan is, but each of them feels a mysterious sensation.

Mr Beaver guides the children to his house which is on top of the dam next to a frozen river. His wife, Mrs Beaver,
Bbc mr. beaver


is cooking dinner and is thrilled to see the children. The two beavers and the four children finish their dinner and Mr Beaver tells them what he knows about Mr. Tumnus.

Mr Beaver is certain that Mr. Tumnus has been taken away by the Secret Police to the White Witch's house. He cannot say for sure what has happened to Mr. Tumnus, but few people taken in the White Witch's house ever come out again. The courtyard and the hall are believed to be full of statues of people that she has turned to stone. Peter is determined to do something to stop Mr. Tumnus from suffering this fate, but Mr Beaver says that Aslan - the great lion who has not been to Narnia for years - is on the move and it will be him who saves Mr. Tumnus. Mr Beaver tells the children that he will take them to see Aslan tomorrow at the Stone Table. He then tells them about the White Witch and explains that she is always on the lookout for humans in Narnia, and if she knew that there were four of them she would be more dangerous still. Mrs Beaver explains that there is a prophecy that when two Sons of Adam and two Daughters of Eve sit on the four thrones at Cair Paravel - the palace on the Narnian coast - then it will be the end not only of the White Witch's reign, but of her life.

Lucy suddenly notices that Edmund is missing, and they all rush outside and shout his name over and over again, but he is nowhere to be seen. Mr Beaver says that there is no point in going to look for him, because they already knew where he'd gone. He is certain that Edmund had gone to the White Witch and on hearing that Edmund had already been in Narnia on his own, was convinced that he had joined the Witch's side. He had the look of one who had met the Witch, and eaten her food, and been told where she lives.

As everyone had been certain, Edmund had gone to the White Witch's house. He had first encountered Maugrim at the entrance to her castle, having passed numerous statues in the courtyard. Maugrim went inside to inform the Witch of Edmund's arrival, and reappeared soon afterwards to let Edmund in. The Witch was furious with Edmund for coming alone, and he explained that he had brought them into Narnia and that they were at the Beaver's house. When Edmund told the Witch that Aslan had also come to Narnia, she was angrier still and ordered her dwarf to prepare the sledge and use the harness without bells. "We'll creep up silently and burst upon them!" she remarked.

Cast And Charactheres

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