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The secon episodie of first miniserie of chain BBC premiered 20 november of 1998


The lady introduces herself as the Queen of Narnia, and invites Edmund to come and sit on her sleigh. She uses her magical powers to give Edmund a drink and he is especially pleased when she gives him his favourite food - Turkish Delight. The Queen then asks Edmund questions about himself. He tells her that he has a brother and two sisters, and that one of his sisters had already been in Narnia and had tea with a faun. She seems particularly interested in the fact that there are four of them, and asks Edmund to bring them to her house with him some other time. The Queen promises to make Edmund a Prince, as she has no children of her own, and later a King when she dies. She then bids farewell. Edmund returns to the lamppost and Lucy appears, telling him that she has been to see Mr. Tumnus and that the White Witch has done nothing to him for not handing her over. Edmund then asks Lucy who the White Witch is and immediately knows that she is none other than the Queen of Narnia who he has just made friends with. When Edmund and Lucy catch up with Peter and Susan, Edmund tells the others that he and Lucy had been playing a game by pretending that the country in the wardrobe was true. Lucy is very upset and Peter is angry with Edmund for encouraging Lucy. Peter and Susan speak to the professor about Lucy's recent behaviour and the professor says that her story could well be true, as it is obvious that she is not mad and does not tell lies. A few days later, the children are exploring the house when they come across Mrs. Macready who is accompanied by a group of visitors. Mrs. Macready is not pleased with the children for being around when she was showing the house to the visitors, and they proceed to the room with the wardrobe. They hear Mrs. Macready approaching and jump in the wardrobe. The children suddenly notice that there is indeed a snowy wood in the back of the wardrobe.
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They have been walking for a few minutes when Edmund forgets himself and tells them that they should be walking in the direction of the lamppost. Peter is livid with Edmund for trying to make out that Lucy was telling lies. Lucy then tells the other three children that she is taking them to see Mr. Tumnus, but when they reach his cave, Mr. Tumnus is gone and his cave has been ransacked. A letter has been left behind that informs the children that Mr. Tumnus is under arrest and awaiting trial on a charge of high treason against the Queen of Narnia. It is signed "Maugrim, Captain of the Secret Police". 

Cast and Characthers

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