"Mind where you're going. Don't walk into our faces!"

Diggle was a Black Dwarf who lived during the reign of King Tirian and the end of Narnia.

He was among those dwarves who were taken captive by the Calormenes, to be used as slaves for their mines. They were rescued by Tirian, Jill Pole, Eustace Scrubb, Jewel and Puzzle, but instead of being grateful, the dwarves turned their backs on them, preferring to serve no one except themselves from there on.

Diggle was seen again at the very end of Narnia, by the Seven Friends of Narnia, who saw him and the rest of the dwarves at Stable Hill. He and the others were sitting in a circle, facing one another, and they had apparently lost their sight, for when the seven friends approached them, Diggle said he could see nothing in the "pitch darkness", despite everyone being out in the sunshine.

Lucy tried to show them that they were indeed outside, but each attempt she made was harshly rebuked by Diggle. When she held out a flower to him, he insulted her by nearly punched her, saying that she had tried to shove thistles and stable-litter in his face.

No matter what anyone said or did, Diggle and the dwarves refused to believe they were anywhere but inside the stable, with no light. Even when Tirian grabbed Diggle and swung him out of the dwarves circle, he simply retreated back there, while claiming Tirian had banged his face into the stable wall.

"What d'you do that for! Banging my face against the wall. You've nearly broken my nose."

Diggle also still refused to believe in Aslan, and rebuked the friends for their continuous belief in him, even after the great lion appeared right before them all, though they could not see him.

When Aslan came, Lucy asked him to help the poor dwarves, but apparently not even he could do anything. When he growled, the dwarves thought it was the Calormenes' machines. When he shook his mane, and gave the dwarves a glorious feast, they could taste nothing of what was really there, believing it to be nothing more than simple scraps one would normally find in a stable. It was this last attempt that made the dwarves turn violent, for each believed one of them had something better to eat than the others, even though all had the same.

Aslan said that the dwarves had made their own prison for themselves, choosing cunning instead of belief, and that was where they would stay, trapped in their own minds.

Like the rest of his poor kind, Diggle is probably still in that same prison they had all created, trapped in the dark, hiding from an enemy who no longer exists.


Diggle and the dwarves, trapped in the stable, and fighting over food.


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