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Physical Description
Type town
Location Lantern Waste, northwestern Narnia, Narnia
Inhabitants Humans
Talking Beasts
Nation(s) Narnia
Description market town
General Information
Other names
Appearances The Last Battle

"You'd better take a good brisk trot down river as far as Chippingford and see if they have any oranges or bananas."
Shift, to Puzzle[src]

Chippingford was a small town in the western part of Narnia, down-river of Cauldron Pool. The town had a small market, and a portion of its economy was derived from trade with the talking beasts who lived nearby and patronized the town on market day, Shift the Ape and his friend Puzzle among them. Little is known about the market's products, except that oranges and bananas could occasionally be purchased there.

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