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Throughout the history of the Kingdom of Narnia, various different capital cities and palaces were built to the desires of its many rulers. Here is a list of the Capitals of Narnia through the ages: -

Cair Parevail

Cair Paravel

Castle of Cair Paravel

Cair Paravel was the first and last castle-city of Narnia, built on an island at the mouth of the Great River of Narnia. It was the Narnian capital for most of the nation's history.

White Witch's Castle


White Witch's Castle

The White Witch's Castle was an enchanted palace, built in the early days of the Age of Winter. It was described as a small castle constructed by Queen Jadis, who used black magic and ice. It had tall towers and spires. Through the iron gate at its entrance was a courtyard filled with the "statues" of all sorts of living creatures whom Jadis had turned to stone. However, they were all unfrozen and brought back to life by Aslan, to fight in the Winter Revolution in 1000. In the early Golden Age, it was presumably the stronghold for the remanent of the White Witch's Army, until at last Aslan's Army had emerged victorious in destroying it in 1005, in which the remaining white Witch forces surrendered unconditionally. Within a matter of days, the Narnian government dissolved what was left of the White Witch's Army, thus ending the war finally.

What became of the Witch's Castle after that is unknown, but it is most likely that it was destroyed or left to fall into ruin.

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