"Could you believe me if I said I'd been right out of the world—outside this world—last summer?"
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This article is Out of Universe: it covers a subject that does not exist in the world of Narnia. (See the WikiNarnia Format for more information.)

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Happy Birthday .You may be gone but you have touch people through your books!

Happy Birthday Jack!!!!EdmundtheJustsig (1)

Many Happy Returns!!

Happy 112th Birthday If you were alive you could write more narnia books

Jack said that he is done with what he is going to do, but that you can write your own Narnia stories! ~Ed

Happy 112th Birthday wish you could write more Narnia Books and BTW you do not look a day over 97!! {{SUBST:User:Avatar Fan101/Sig}} 21:37, December 7, 2010 (UTC)

Gone but not forgotten! Happy Birthday! Storyseeker1