Narnia map

Map of Narnia surrounding lands, with the Bight taking a central position.

The Bight of Calormen was the first body of water from Narnia's coast, which was a huge bay that extended from the north eastern corner of the Wild Lands of the North to south eastern corner of Calormen.

Cair Paravel, Galma, Terebinthia, the Seven Isles, and the Lone Islands were islands of the bight. On the horizon line of Avra's (the third Lone Island) most eastern point was the most eastern point of the Bight of Calormen.

At the bight's most western point was the mouth of Glasswater. Caspian's voyage had begun in the Bight.

When the world ended, the Merpeople had left the Bight through the Stable to Aslan's Country and its waters had arisen signifigantlly and froze into solid ice.

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