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Battle of Aslan's Camp
Peter and Maugrim ready to strike
Conflict: Winter Revolution
Date: 1000
Place: Aslan's Camp (near the Stone Table)
Outcome: Aslan's Army victory, rescuing of Edmund Pevensie
Peter Pevensie and Susan Pevensie Jadis' Secret Police
Peter Pevensie Maugrim
Peter Pevensie
Susan Pevensie
Maugrim and another wolf
None Maugrim
The Battle of Aslan's Camp was a minor skirmish that occurred near the Stone Table in 1000 NY. It marked the first attack by the White Witch's forces on her oppressed Narnian citizens, and was the first heated engagement of the Winter Revolution.  

It was also the battle in which Peter Pevensie first used his sword, Rhindon

Two wolves of the Witch's Secret Police, led by Maugrim, stealthily surrounded a small part of Aslan's Camp in an attempt to kill Susan Pevensie, who had to blow her horn to alert Aslan's Army about the impending attack, and to call for help.

Maugrim headed for Susan, who climbed up a tree to escape, and was fortunate enough to survive. Her brother, Peter, then arrived with his sword, Rhindon, along with Aslan and other Narnians.

He aimed a slash at Maugrim, but missed, only angering the wolf captain. But while Maugrim howled in a rage, Peter impaled him through the heart with his next stroke, killing him instantly.

Centaurs, eagles, fauns and leopards were then ordered by Aslan to follow the second wolf, as it fled. The wolf was followed back to the White Witch's camp, where the pursuers found and rescued Edmund.

Aslan had knighted Peter on the spot at the Stone Table for his bravery, giving him the name "Sir Peter Wolf's-Bane".



  • When given the opportunity to make changes to the texts for publishing the book in US territories, Lewis (amongst other revisions in the book) changed his name to Fenris Ulf (and therefore also Peter's title to "Fenris Bane").

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